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Transformative works policy 

My general policy on transformative works (including, but not limited to, art, podfics, fanmixes, sequels and remixes) is "Do anything you like". If you can, though, please tell me you're doing it, and give me the link to your work; I'd like to know what happens to my texts.

There are two exceptions to the blanket permission, though.

1. For translations, it's "Ask first". Before asking me, please make sure that the text you are planning to translate does not include any content that's illegal in your country. If it does, please don't translate.

2. The blanket permission includes non-profit use only. If you're planning to gain any direct profit, please ask first. Indirect profit, like putting the art in your portfolio to get a job, is perfectly fine.

That said, please, don't hesitate to ask. Most probably, I'll just grant you permission, but even if I don't, I promise to be nice.
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